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William Todd Hendrix beloved son arrived May 27, 1963 in Dallas Texas to Jack and Emma Hendrix and all of our lives have been touched by that event. Williams was not an easy type birth – he was born compound breach. In laymen’s terms – butt first. Some might say that would seem a little bit backwards to the normal way of doing things but if you knew William, it was actually rather fitting with his personality. Several said he marched to beat of his own drum, called him odd or weird. At times, that bothered him and hurt his feelings. How could it not? But for the most part, he didn’t let it slow him down.

He was ahead of his time in many ways and thought things through and analyzed every detail. He had vision and talent that most could not begin to comprehend. If something interested him, he studied it and learned as much as he could about it.  He was an avid World War II historian and could discuss details of battles and historic figures with such accuracy. He had dreams of building rocket ships and space travel. It almost sounded like craziness, but if you took the time to listen, he truly put a lot of thought and detail into his ideas. At one time, he was offered a job application with NASA but due to circumstances beyond his control it was just out of reach.

William was a very talented artist. He drew with pencils and painted in different formats. He proudly won ribbons at the fair as a teen and continued his artistry into adulthood. He didn’t often reveal these gifts to those outside of his close-knit circle. His lack of self-confidence inhibited him greatly. William was a loving brother to his sister Kelly. Of course, there was normal sibling rivalries and bickering over the years. But he was fierce protector when bullies would come around. At times, there were physical and emotional distances that kept communication at a minimum. In his heart, there was always a place for his little sister.

William was a caring and loving father to his sons. Things in life are not always easy, especially when divorce and children are thrown in the mix. William did what he thought was best always and put his heart on the line for his sons. William was a true and loving husband to Beverly. He was the epitome of for better or worse and in sickness and health. He was so dedicated to her. It distressed him greatly when he became ill and was not able to care for her as he had done previously. He worked for her and with her through-out their years together. They were a team.

William was a great friend to those of us lucky enough to call him that – friend. Friendship is a precious commodity. He was always good for a laugh, to sit and reminisce about old times, or just to catch up on things. It didn’t matter if you’d talked last week or if it had been years since seeing one another, conversation and smiles pickedup as if you therehad been no time lapse at all.

William was a believer. He knew there was a greater power to which we all would answer to at some point. He respected other’s beliefs and was rather private about his own. He didn’t like having religion ‘shoved down his throat’. He was raised in a Christian home but saw many examples of hypocrisy and was confused by Sunday Christian’s so his heart was troubled greatly by that. When his battle with cancer became burdensome, he appreciated the prayers offered for him and hoped for better things to come.

William was released from all of his earthly pains in the early morning hours of July 4th, 2022 in Gresham Nebraska.

Services will be held Friday, July 8, 2022 at 2:00 p.m., at Trump Funeral Services, 1600 West “O” Street, Lincoln.  Interment will be at Yankee Hill Cemetery, Lincoln. Condolences may be left at trumpmemorials.com.